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About us in Brief

The largest concentration of Tibetan refugees is in South India, spread throughout five settlements. A growing population and increasing number of destitute families moving into the settlements from other places had put heavy demands for more schools, particularly day-care centres, that would take care of children while parents toil on farms.

The SOS Tibetan Children's Village at Bylakuppe was opened in 1981 on sixteen acres of land donated by the settlement. After a great deal of planning and work, an idyllic children's village was created. Currently, the village has 29 homes, two hostels and complete facilities for education through class twelve. Beside this village, TCV runs ten day care centres for the benefit of the Tibetan settlers around the Bylakuppe and Hunsur areas. TCV's commitment in the South India has solved many pressing needs of the people and has contributed a great deal towards the development of the community.

From Principal's Desk

In today’s day and age, moral values hold utmost significance. Our most revered spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama time and again relays via teachings, the importance of bearing sound moral values. Students especially being in formative stages of life should try to inculcate the basic values of moral education. And that would contribute immensely for a quality and a bright future.

The very purpose of you being in school is education. Education is equally important. You must, at any cost cannot compromise with studies. In today’s world of stiff and intense competition, you need to work lot harder if you harbor any thoughts for bright academic future. On a larger scale, our Country is in most fragile and critical situation. Tibet needs you more than ever. So, direct all your focus on studies and try to become a contributing member of our nation and of world at large.


Teacher’s Talk by Ms. Lobsang Dolkar
Ms. Lobsang Dolkar, PGT Economics delivered bi-monthly teacher’s talk on Self Discipline. She highlighted on various aspects and importance of
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Riglam Workshop
Yearly Riglam workshop was conducted for the teachers under the leadership of our philosophy teacher, Geshe Thupten Namgyal la. The
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Education Director’s Visit
TCV Education Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe paid week long official visit to our school. During his stay, he conducted inspection
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Madam Tharlam Dolma’s Visit
As a part of initiative by Education committee under the Department of Education, CTA, Member and Ex-Principal of CST Bylakuppe
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Presentation on Kindness by IX D students
As a part of monthly observation on various Secular Ethic competencies, Class IX D students staged a drama on the
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Tibetan Elocution Contest for VII & VIII
Three students each from four sections of Class VII and VIII took part in the contest. Each student performed poem
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Personal Account by Tenzin Choenyi, Member (XII S Sc.) 2017 - 18

Well, working in the dog care club is actually quite amazing, getting to know how to inject a needle to pull out maggot from the infected part of the dog. Normally while doing our work, people say everything from good to bad. But, we do this with only one purpose that is to help them. We the human beings can complain our problems to anyone but as for these helpless animals, they just can’t. So we have to approach them. Engaging ourselves in taking care of poor animals serve our school motto, “Others Before Self” just right.

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Personal Account by Tenzin Dasel, Class X D (2017 - 18)

Our regular visits to the old home have taught us far beyond clearing and washing. I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone. For they are more grateful of the times we sit down to talk to them or just listen to their talking than anything else. The bright faces that greet us when we walk up warm our heart and gives us a lovely feeling inside. However it distresses us sometimes, the air of loneliness about them the behavior that says, “I will always 

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