Indian Independence Day

Social Science department as usual organized a morning function to mark this all important day in Indian Calendar. School Principal addressed the gathering and highlighted some core issues of Indian struggle for Independence like civil disobedience and non-cooperation movement. He even drew comparisons on how Tibet and India lost their countries and reasoned the lack of unity as the major factor. We were then urged to get inspired from India in restoration of our freedom.

Our school also celebrated the day as Thank You India as well as Social Science Day. Short skit depicting the service rendered at Old age home by Class IX S was staged. Miss Choetso of Class IX S delivered a short speech sharing her experience of her service at Old age home.

Our beloved Indian staff members were honored with souvenir.

It was then time to loosen up a bit. Songs and dances were staged by Class IX D and IX S students. Their performances drew loud applause from the audience.

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