Visit to Indian Institute of Science (IISc.)

Report by student representative

The idea of having open day in IISc was suggested in 1948. The first ever open day was held on 3rd March 1977. It is an event held by IISc to showcase its activities to the student community and the general public held on 23rd March 2019. We were allowed access to the entire campus and even got a change to sit in the lecture halls and see a class being held. The Chemistry department had a display on countless experiments and we had lots of fun seeing those demonstration. We also visited the Biology department with its display on neuroscience and played several interesting brain games too. In the physics department, we visited nanoscience, practical physics and aerospace engineering buildings. On the whole, the trip was enjoyable and educational at the same time. We got an opportunity to have conversation with resident scientists of the institute. The only shortcoming was that there were no other Tibetan students expect us. So, we strongly urge that our students need to build up more curiosity towards science.

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